beauty and slimming center
in Reggio Calabria

Here you get results that are impossible elsewhere

The advanced technology of Baldan's machines, combined with the experience of our beauty professionals, gives you the results you seek that you haven't gotten elsewhere.

Our machinery


They provide better results than other machines and handmade massages


All treatments are 100% painless (you don't even feel a pinch)


Treatments are 100% safe and without contraindications (even in the summer months)

Suitable for all skin types

They are safe and effective on all skin types, even the most sensitive ones

Treatments with our Machinery

Facial cleansing...or anti-aging facial cleansing?

Sensi Estetica offers the first injection free filler effect facial cleansing.

Reduction of wrinkles after the first session, 20% more collagen and elastin for firmer skin, anti-blurring action with Oligopeptide Microspheres and brighter skin with Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres.

Oh, and it cleanses better than classic cleansing.

Permanent hair removal: have you ever tried fiber optic hair removal?

It is significantly better than laser treatment. It is more effective, it is without contraindications, and it is a pampering on the skin.

Lifting without a scalpel?

Visible results, no surgery and no hospital time. Discover the innovative no-surgery facelift that reshapes facial contours and tightens skin.

Fat pads resistant to diet and exercise?

Their weakness is heat shock. By subjecting the fat cell to a double hot/cold attack, it permanently self-destructs.

Have you ever heard of skin photorejuvenation?

Imagine a machine with such advanced technology that is able to erase the signs of aging and weathering, and rejuvenate your face, neck, cleavage and hands.

Activate metabolism with infrared rays?

Now you can change the "DNA" of your metabolism: infrared beams combined with gentle exercise bike movements set your metabolism into active mode. Forever.

What Our Enthusiastic Guests Say

"It is normal" is an expression that is not part of our vocabulary

When in other beauty centers you hear that it is normal after a certain age to have wrinkles, cellulite, fat accumulation, etc. (and that you should resign yourself) do you know what they are really telling you?

Not that these blemishes are normal (although accepting yourself as you are is certainly a good thing)...

BUT that they do not have our appropriate technologies to deal with them effectively.

We have.

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